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Jacco Schipperen

When you're young, and want to win!
Jacco Schipperen, Raamsdonkveer
Driven to reach the top

From his 20th birthday, Jacco has done a lot of sport running, and he was able to beat the famous marathon runner Gerard Nijboer. Jacco is a well-behaved, polite and very friendly young man. But one with a harder core deep down. He possesses a real winner mentality. This mentality can also be seen reflected in his work as the director of a company that works with laboratory- and process-analyses and is settles in 8 countries. He is co-founder and stockholder in this still young company which is undergoing a big, healthy growth at this moment. His company is involved with the investigation of the firemen that were active regarding the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. A lot of these people have now suffered problems with their lungs because of the massive dustclouds on that disastrous day. Jacco is currently busy on starting a new company that specializes in researching the effects from dust particles in the lungs on the health of people. These are, in short, his daily activities.

The pigeonsport

Jacco is married to Inge and they have two children: sun Stan (6 years) and daughter Bieke (4 years). People in the Schipperen family approach the pigeon sport with a lot of drive, ambition and dedication. An important constant factor in this is the input of (grand)father Koos Schipperen (69) who has worked on a lot of the care from the period of september to half of april, and does this with a lot of dedication. Son Stan has discovered an interest in the pigeons as well, and is already giving a helping hand to father Jacco and grandfather Koos. It is certainly right to talk about Team Schipperen.
Jacco Schipperen has built a pigeon colony that is based on two strains. First off, he chose for the pure achieving pigeons of the Wijnands family that possess both strength and speed. The second strain that was selected is the famous, respected ‘tough clinger' strain from Cor and Louis de Heijde. Using an extremely strict method of selecting, Jacco ended up with his own unique colony of pigeons who know how to fly on top, and are ready to conquer the future. The results of previous years and 2007 confirm it!


1st Brabant 2000 Barcelona, 7th national Barcelona ‘07
Winner Pol Bostijn Schaal Supercup ‘07
2nd international as-pigeon IFC 4000 ‘07
4th international as-pigeon IFC 4000 Barcelona-Perpignan ‘07
5th international champion hens IFC4000 ‘07
1st Not nominated overnight CC A & R (250 members), p.c. Gevleugelde Vrienden
2nd Total Winner int. ZLU basketingcentre Wenhout, Hoogerheide & Terneuzen

6th Not nominated FBZ (Flakkee Brabant Zeeland)
9th Champion of the Long Distance ZLU (15 out of 25)
Series-games in Brabant Province 2000:
1st Series III Bordeaux NPO, 1st Series III & IV Pau, (the top 4 within 30 minutes)
1st Series III & IV Bordeaux ZLU: 1st Series III & IV Tarbes. (the top 4 within 18 minutes!)
1st Series II & IV Irun (1070 km)


Only top pigeons at this time:

‘De Schift':
3rd As-pigeon Bordeaux ZLU '05-'07 (a son of Schift scores 2nd prov. Bordeaux ZLU Brabant 2000 with Dick Sack, Veen this year.);


‘D 65':
12th As-pigeon ZLU Pau '05-'07 (also 65th nat. Dax ZLU '06);


‘De Sok':
1st prov. Barcelona '07 (7th nat) and 10th prov. Perpignan '07, 4th Int. As-pigeon IFC4000 Barcelona-Perpignan'07);


‘Super Bontje':
2nd Int. As-pigeon IFC 4000, 3rd As-pigeon FBZ '07 with 8 out of 8 in 2 years.



Results from recent years:

7-7-8-12-12-18-22-28-28-33-51-56-63-67-69-72-79-81-90-92-99-101-101 etc. National/NPO.
Fanciers that used pigeons from Schipperen achieved some of the following results:. 4-10-14-34-49-80 etc. National!!


Some more results of recent years:

1st Series III Nat. of a very tough Dax ZLU '06 with 57-68-101-233-394-577 (6 out of 7)
The fathers of the First 3 arrivals of Dax ZLU '06 also won during the very tough Pau '01 the 1st series III with 7-45 and 480th nat (3 out of 3); the 2 toughest flights in the past 5 years..


Pau '06 72-151-220 nat; St. Vincent '06 15 out of 29; Dax '06 9 out of 20; Narbonne '06 11 out of 19. Bordeaux j.l. ZLU '06: 72-214-222-236-279-281-287-298-301 etc.., Bergerac 1st of 600 pigeons.
1s Not- and nominated + pigeon champion midday-release overnight long distance Pigeon Club ‘Gevleugelde Vrienden' '06, 1st not nominated overnight long distance C.C. Raamsdonksveer (215 members) '06, 8 pigeons among the first 36 as-pigeons '06 in the ZLU basketing centre Wernhout.
5th Pol Bostijn Schaal '06, Series-game Belgium-Netherlands; 2 fastest FBZ Dax ZLU '05; 3rd-5th-prov. in Brabant 2000 ( 7 out of 10); Bordeaux ZLU '05: 3-4 prov. Brabant 2000 against 750 pigeons; Narbonne '05 9 out of 10; Bergerac '05 9 out of 14.



Methods of play

From halfway into March, every other week the 60 couples of racing pigeons are coupled, divided into 3 groups. Each of them raises a youngster and as soon as possible they are basketed every week. The pigeons are trained extensively, because as youngsters they might have only been basketed twice, with a 160km race as the farthest one. That's why it is necessary to train them a lot as yearlings. These yearlings will not have an easy time, with 2 overnight long distance races, one of which is Bordeaux ZLU for most of them. When the youngsters have grown up and the hen has laid eggs again, the switch is made to the complete widowhood system. (1 part of the loft remains a nest for the older hens) This is a few weeks before the first NPO overnight long distance race of Bergerac, near the end of may. The widowhood lasts until the beginning of august, though sometimes a loft is couples again before that time. The widows (after several evenings of hunting) sometimes fly all evening long and they keep doing this. Especially in the beginning they will already sleep somewhere outside during the week and before 06:00 in the morning they arrive from a lot of different places nearby. If the hens get more unruly, there will be an extra training in the evening from St. Job in ‘t Goor, a town 60 km away, or from Wernhout (35km).



Tough flights

Most of the time, the best pigeons are brought to the international morning releases Pau, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Dax, Perpignan, Tarbes etc., where several great results have already been achieved. Especially the tougher flights get the best results. For example, Jacco played on the extremely tough Pau '01, with a score of 7th national with his "Perpignan", the 45th national with his "Oude Donkere" (who is his basis pigeon now) and the 3rd pigeon knew to get a great score as well; good enough for the 1st series 3 national and a 100% score. This 7th National Pau was straight from Wijnands pigeon (in Maastricht) "Perpignan II", that scored 8th national Perpignan in '96, but also the 19th nat. Marseille and the 150th nat. Barcelona. This "Perpignan II" has spent his last days in the breeding loft of Jacco Schipperen and on the loft of Wijnands was coupled with a daughter of "de Parel" of Carteus (from Belgium), a full sister of the "AS", 2nd international Perpignan. From another son of this Perpignan II x daughter "Champion" (who got 3 teletext mentions), Jacco bred the 8th NPO Bordeaux '05 against 7500 pigeons. That the tough flights seem to go well for Jacco is proven by the results of International Dax 2006. This was a remarkably tough flight, where the "Paarsborst" from Ko van Dommelen was triumphant; the pigeons had to deal with very harsh weather conditions and almost 2 days of flying with 700 mpm. With North-eastern wind and with 35 degrees. Jacco clocked 6 out of 7 and 3 belonged to the first 100 national, which was good for 1st series 3 national.The beauty of it all was that the first 3 cocks of that Dax were sons of the first 2 arriving pigeons of Pau '01. Getting the first Series 3 national on the 2 toughest flights of these last few years is quite an achievement. First the fathers manage it, and 5 years later their sons do the same! Definite proof of the toughness of Schipperen pigeons.


The first arrival on int. Dax ZLU was the Witpen Perpignan that scored 56th national, and comes from 7th national Pau '01. The 65th national was "Donkere 65" also knows as "D65" that comes from "de Oude Donkere" (45th nat. Pau '01 but also 3 times co-winner 2nd, 2nd and 3rd Europe Cup Barcelona). This D65 also won 3 decent prizes on Pau in the last 3 years with 369-151-227 national and therefore became 12th national As-pigeon Pau '05-07. The 3rd arrival on this Dax flight scored 101st national and is also a son of the "Oude Donkere".
It should be noted that this "Oude Donkere" (A pigeon of the Oude Braakhuis strain, comes from the 1st national Souston '92 from Wijnands) has been a very talented flyer, but also a great breeder. Besides the sons that have already been mentioned, a large number of top pigeons have been bred from him, like the "Mooi Donker" who managed to win 3 out of 3 in 2007 on the national midday releases. Other ones are the "Superkweker" who is father of the 11th national Bergerac against 17.000 pigeons from Van Rooij in Geldrop, te 28th nat Bordeaux ZLU, but also the 82nd nat Pau '06 from Jan Verschuren (Raamsdonksveer).
The last few years, "Oude Donkere" has been coupled with a daughter of the "71 Teen" (from Louis de Heijde), another straight son from the world famous "Klamper" from Cor de Heijde. This "71 Teen" had several hens who were great breeders. This is how Beset from ‘s Hertogenbosch got a pigeon that scored a 1st national, though a daughter of "71 Teen". Throughout the years, a good number of Klamper pigeons have arrived on the loft this way. Also worthy of attention is the "Golden Crack" (2nd golden champion FZN in '97) that was bought from Louis de Heijde in '95 whose mother is a halfsister of the famous "Barcelona" hen from Cor de Heijde (1st - 7th national Perpignan, 15th - 21st nat. Barcelona).
The last few years, the basis hen of the loft (daughter "Sluiper" x daughter 1st national Souston '92) was coupled with "Mooie Klamper", a cock and full brother of the 1st provincial Marseille '03 (father 11th national Pau '07). The "Mooie Klamper" provided, together with the basis hen, several top flyers. It is very fitting to say that crossing the "Oude Donkere" strain with the Klamper strain has been a very good combination.



Series game 2007

During 2007, the series game was especially interesting: the first series 3 in ‘Brabant 2000' was won no less than 4 times, and besides that many times series 2 and 4. And to prove that the victories aren't only won on the ZLU-flights, the results on Bordeaux NPO '07 were 3-5-8 with 33 flying pigeons. This was worth the prize of 1st series 3. And on Tarbes, where the morning-release turned into a midday-release, the first series 3 and 4 were scored in ‘Brabant 2000'. The top 4 were clocked within 18 minutes of each other! And on Pau the top 4 withing 30 minutes, starting with the 92nd arrival national, ‘Superbontje". This is a very tough and strong hen who flew on the overnight long distance races 4 times in 2006 and had 4 good prizes as well. In 2007 she managed to repeat this impressive task, but then on the international flights. She started out with a 8th against 5000 pigeons on Bordeaux NPO, 3 weeks later she got 92nd national on Pau, followed by a 314 national result on Irun (1070 km) where she arrived on 06:15 in the morning, and she ended it with 575th national Perpignan 14 days later. All these results led to her 2nd international as-pigeon IFC4000 title. The "Superbontje" has been bred from the "Bonte Barcelona", a cock of 100% Klamper strain, bought from Louis de Heijde (a brother of Cor de Heijde), and is from his Barcelona-couple that managed to get 3 years in a row of couple-prizes on Barcelona. Mother is from a combined breeding effort of the 6th national St. Vincent '96 (a very tough flight) from Tiest van Turnhout's Steketee strain (in Raamsdonksveer) with a hen of Cees de Jong (in Lepelstraat), who is another daughter of his "Dure 07", who is a straight Van der Wegen.


Winner Pol Bostijn Cup 2007


That the series game went very well is proven by the fact that in 2007 the Pol Bostijn Cup was won in the Supercup competition, organized by Top-Pigeons of Piet de Vogel. To win in this series classification that contains races of Pau and Irun has never been an easy thing to do, especially if you consider the top lofts that fly in these races. "'t Superbontje" was one of the reasons for winning this prize, but also the "Schift", possibly the best pigeon on the Schipperen loft. This pigeon has only been basketed 6 times but so far has always arrived in time. He became the 3rd national as-pigeon Bordeaux ZLU '05-'07 with the 28th, 180th and 528th national, but also the 149th national Carcassonne, etc. On Bordeaux 2005, with 11 months of age, the weather was very tough and he became 3rd provincially. On that same flight however, there was a Schipperen pigeon even faster and it won 2nd provincially, which was worth 28th national among the yearlings. Because of the long distance to the loft they did not manage to arrive in the evening, but the next day they were some of the earliest pigeons of the Netherlands on the longer distances.
That the Schipperen pigeons perform very nicely on other lofts, is no secret: a son of "de Schift" scored 2nd provincial Bordeaux ZLU (34th national) from Dick Sack from Veen, who lives on the longest distance in ‘Brabant 2000'. "De Schift" is from the "Donkere 108", a brother of "Oude Donkere". A half-brother of "Oude Donkere" won 1st St. Vincent '04 Zuiderkempen against 7000 pigeons, and is owned by Jos van Rooy in Geldrop. "Mother Oude Donkere" (granddaughter 1st nat. Souston '92 from Wijnands) was coupled with a "son Ballerini" (2 times 4th national!) after which Van Rooy bought a young from this coupling and bred his St. Vincent winner from it. The 1st national Souston and Ballerini were full brothers from the ‘Kleine Jo' strain of Wijnands. A grandson of this 1st national Souston scored 1st int. Perpignan '99 with Brohkamp in Germany and a grandson from that pigeon scored 1st international Barcelona this year, owned by Menne and daughters (Germany). The 'Oude Donkere' is also a cousin of the mother of 1st international Barcelona 2008. The pigeons clearly are great breeders.




Besides numerous championships, the most beautiful result of 2007 has to be the 1st provincial Barcelona, which came down to 7th national Barcelona 2007 (and 14th international against 25000 pigeons). This great result was achieved by "de Sok". This pigeon managed to give another great result when scoring 10th provincial (132 national). With these 2 results, "de Sok" became 4th international as-pigeon IFC4000 Barcelona-Perpignan. "De Sok" had been raced before with success on the midday releases in 2006: 3 out of 3 with among others 187th nat. st. Vincent. "De Sok" has been bred from "de Mike" who was bought on the total sale of Cees van Bijsterveldt. This pigeon already performed very nicely with two times 50th national St. Vincent against more than 20.000 pigeons in '96 and '98, both were tough flights. The fact that he also was father of the 2nd international Dax hen, was reason enough for Jacco to buy him. "De Mike" was mainly of the Brothers Kuijpers strain. Mother of "de Sok" is "het Sokkepootje" who was bought from brothers Stelten in Germany. This hen was placed on the breeding loft soon after scoring some very nice prizes. Her brother had already won 3rd national Marseille, her halfbrother the 35th national Barcelona and her grandfather was the "Donkere Barcelona" from Van Haaren, who is now owned by First Prize Pigeons. Looking at the pedigree, it is easy to understand why "de Sok" managed to win such a top prize on Barcelona 2007!



Breeding loft


To breed a loft full of good achieving pigeons, you have to have access to a large number of pigeons of good breeding stock. Jacco Schipperen has never been cheap and as now has a breeding loft of great quality. Like mentioned before he specifically chose to use the fast and athletic Wijnands pigeons. Also the very tough Klamper strain from De Heijde was added. On the loft are 4 children of the Ballerini (twice 4th international), of the Champion (three times among the first 10 national), the Gehamerde (4th nat Barcelona and more), Late Simpson (1st nat. Marseille), Pozzato (1st int. Bordeaux), Perpignan-2, Zwarte 007, etc.
From L. de Heijde, grandchildren of de Klamper and his Golden Crack were bought. During the years, the proven racing pigeon of Schipperen have been added to these, like the current basis pigeon "Oude Donkere" and his mother "de Oude Donker" who is closely related to the international Barcelona winners of 2007 and 2008. Crossing these strains has great results with Schipperen, but also with other fanciers that tried it. Just in 2008, with straight pigeons of Schipperen, or pigeons bred from those, great results were scored. Dick Sack from Veen won 5th provincial Bordeaux ZLU and 2nd provincial Tarbes ZLU. Woudstra from Ander won 1st provincial Marseille. G-J van Niftrik from Rosmalen won 1st Bordeaux NPO against 1000 pigeons. Van Rooy-Stoef (Geldrop), Van Rooy (Geldrop), Jan Verschuren (Raamsdonksveer), Huub and Anneke Kivit (Vinkel) all scored within the First 100 national with pigeons bred from Schipperen pigeons.
Schipperen himself hasn't basketed his best pigeons of 2007 in 2008 anymore. De Schift (3rd nat as-pigeon Bordeaux ZLU '05-'07), De Sok (7th nat. Barcelona '07 and 4th int. as-pigeon IFC4000 '07 Barcelona-Perpignan, sold in late ‘07), ‘t Superbontje (2nd int. as-pigeon IFC4000 '07) and also the StVincent pigeon, to name a few, were not raced any more. Besides that, there is news about an upcoming total sale at the end of 2008, because of moving to a new home. The increasing business matters have proven to be difficult to combine with running a racing loft and breeding loft. That is why the choice was made to take a step back for a few years. There will still be worked with the oldest breeders and a round of late youngsters. In 2008, even with a much smaller and inexperienced team, the following results were achieved: 4 out of 7 on Pau with a series 3 nationally, Barcelona international 5 out of 6, Narbonne 4 out of 6, national Montauban 9 out of 21 with mostly yearlings. Bordeaux ZLU older pigeons with 3 out of 6, etc.




What 2008 has in store for Jacco is still hard to say


I have personally visited many lofts and was able to hold a lot of very promising and good flight- and breeding pigeons. I am a fancier that loves to see the ‘classic' Steenbergen long distance pigeon.
I once wrote the following about the pigeons of Cor de Heijde: "He managed to preserve the class and qualities of the strain, while making them more athletic. He made them into super long distance pigeons. If you see these pigeons with Jacco Schipperen, your mouth will most likely start watering, and I know for a fact that to beat Team Schipperen in 2008, you have to be a really good player!"


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