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Ko van Dommelen

Ko van Dommelen, St Philipsland (NL)
The all dominating overnight grandmaster with a golden strain of Jan Aarden icons

The leading name in Dutch overnight racing of the last decade is that of Ko van Dommelen. With 3x 1st National in the last three years and many more National top positions he is the star shining brightest in the sky of the heaviest battles in overnight racing. And the heavier and more heroic the race, the more the only small but sublime colony of Ko van Dommelen distinguishes itself and snaps up all the honor in the all-time classics of our noble sport. With as iron base the direct bloodlines of Jan Aarden, from his father who was a friend to this icon in pigeon sport and through super performers such as Cools, Van Geel and Moedt. These pigeons can not be stopped when the true champions stand out in the crowd and at Ko van Dommelen they form the best performing Jan Aarden collection of the moment!!


The recent era of pigeon racing for the great champion Ko van Dommelen is a concatenation of big successes. His father Wim van Dommelen built him an iron base and Ko thankfully took over the golden stock and had many supreme performances with them. Only in the last decade he won:
1st International Bordeaux yearlings 1995 - 4,141 b.
1st National Bordeaux yearlings 1995 - 3,026 b.
1st National Dax 2006 - 3,200 b.
1st National Lourdes (time trial) 2005
1st National NPO Bordeaux 2004 - 3,175 b.
3rd International Dax 2006 - 11,235 b.
3rd National Dax 2004 - 13,456 b.
4th National Dax 2006 - 2,300 b.
9th National Perpignan 2004 - 7,645 b.
9th National Dax
9th National Ventoux 2003
10th National Bordeaux 2006
10th National Lourdes (time trial) 2005
11th International Dax 2006 - 11,235 b.
13th National Bordeaux 2005 - 2,602 b.
19th National Bordeaux
25th National Pau 2004 - 3,571 b.
28th National St. Vincent 2004 - 17,098 b.
33rd National Pau 2005 - 3,077 b.


A list of (International) top positions to dream of and dreams come true for the miracle man Ko van Dommelen from St. Philipsland. With an only limited team of overnight racers he keeps on listing incredible performances year in year out. Time to introduce this sensation of the decade and the breeding gold that gives him so many successes ...


The best performing Jan Aarden collection of the moment


Ko van Dommelen can draw from an excellent group of breeders based on legends of Dutch Overnight Racing. They are the diamonds of the sky, the base that is responsible for thousands of massive victories in the world of long distance racing. It is the unequalled strain of the late Jan Aarden, close friend to Ko's father Wim. Ko van Dommelen treasures these fabulous pigeons that brought him so much International fame. Unlike many others, his colony goes back directly to the source and therefore Ko van Dommelen owns the best performing Jan Aarden collection of the moment.


Close friend to Jan Aarden


The iron colony of Ko van Dommelen finds its roots in the sixties and in his father Wim van Dommelen. Wim was a baker at the time in St. Philipsland and one of his closest friends was the great overnight racer Jan Aarden from Steenbergen and the miracle man Jan Cools from Nieuw Vossemeer. The three of them spend many hours playing cards and discussing their so beloved hobby in Hotel Aarden. And of course many times Wim was a guest at the cradle of overnight pigeon racing and admired the sublime stock of Jan Aarden. The old base of ‘Zilvervosje' from Meester that created such a furor for Jan Aarden with his excellent birds like ‘Zevenendertig', the illustrious ‘49', etc. etc.


Than one year Jan Aarden asked Wim to follow him to the lofts. ,,Hold out your hat,'' said Jan and he put in eggs and newborn youngsters. These were the last youngsters of the year and Jan did not want to bring them up to spare his favorites for the year after. ,,Take them to your lofts, breed with them and you will be a winner with them!'' said the oracle and his words did not fall on deaf ears. Later more youngsters and eggs moved to the loft of Wim van Dommelen. It was the beginning of a successful era in pigeon racing for the family Van Dommelen.


But also the influence of direct pigeons through the other close friend, Jan Cools from Nieuw Vossemeer, was not to be neglected. This fine fancier also had a loft full of only the very best Jan Aarden birds and he drove then to sensational highs. As good friend and careful treasurer of the Aarden gold, the fine offspring of the Jan Cools pigeons fit perfectly into the collection of Wim van Dommelen. Jan Cools supplied Wim van Dommelen with his very best material, from his legendary toppers such as ‘Zwartje', ‘Autowinnaar', ‘Marseille duivin', etc. The pigeons of Jan Aarden direct and of the legendary Aarden strain of Jan Cools still forms the present base of the Van Dommelen colony ...


Wim van Dommelen: ,,These old days I will always remember. Every Wednesday Jan Cools and I went to Jan Aarden and we did nothing but talking pigeons. When Jan Aarden talked about his phenomenal strain, we listened open-mouthed. The pigeons I took home from him those days, still form the base of the present top racers of Ko. Jan Cools and I were the only ones that got pigeons from Jan Aardens toppers; I knew directly I had pure gold in my loft. Therefore I treasured them so deeply! At the time I had no money to purchase expensive other birds and now I am glad: it kept the old Jan Aarden base in tact!!''


Only very seldom the Van Dommelens purchased new acquisitions to fit in to the colony. They had to be of the old Jan Aarden origin and first after an extreme tough selection a place within the colony could be earned. Loyalty to the old base still pays off for Ko van Dommelen as he is ‘the man in command' when distances get far and competition is at its hardest ...


The colony


Wim van Dommelen treasured these fabulous lines with heart and soul and it brought him much glory. Like the victory of 1st National Soustons. Now still the pigeons can be characterized as the real Aarden types of old. Mostly beautiful dark chequer pigeons with breathtaking eye-colors with rich pigmentation, feathers soft as silk and muscles strong as iron. Pigeons with an inexhaustible endurance and nature. A collection of pigeons delightful for the eye. Nowadays his son Ko reaps the fruits of Wims carefulness with the old Aarden gold and he forged a beautiful uniformity from them.


The absolute number 1 basic pigeon of Ko van Dommelen was ‘Oud Brommertje', a full-blooded Jan Aarden cock and winner of 14 prize cards on races from St. Vincent and Dax. Ko van Dommelen had helped his fathers good friend and overnight crack Jan Cools with the rebuilding of his house and as thank Cools gave him the youngsters from his absolute number 1 pair ‘Zwartje' x ‘19'; the most important one was ‘De Cools doffer'. At the time ‘Zwartje' was one of the absolute best overnight racers of The Netherlands as he had won 12 prize cards on the National overnight classics from St. Vincent and Dax. His father was a direct Jan Aarden pigeon a grandson to his illustrious ‘Zevenendertig', the world famous grandson to ‘Zilvervosje' from Meesters who is sort of godfather of the overnight pigeon world.


Also direct from Jan Cools the stock pigeon ‘Bontje' was purchased; bred direct from the super breeding pair ‘Autowinnaar' x ‘Marseille duivin'. The National star in overnight racing ‘Autowinnaar' was glorious winner of the top positions 5th Nat. St. Vincent - 11th Nat. St. Vincent - 16th Nat. St. Vincent and he is a grandson to the icon ‘49' of Jan Aarden. From Jans Cools basic pair ‘Autowinnaar' x ‘Donkere' came another super producer at Ko van Dommelen; ‘Roeltje'. Paired to four different cockbirds she produced sensational offspring, such as ‘Barcelona doffer', ‘Pau duivin', ‘Kampioentje', Mother ‘Alicante', etc.


An important role in the present base of Ko van Dommelen is also reserved for the legendary Aarden line of ‘Dolle', the icon from the champions loft Martha van Geel from Nieuw-Vossemeer. A direct grandson of this Dutch overnight legend ‘Dolle' and the cracking ‘54' is the pigeon that has won his spurs on the Van Dommelen breeding loft. Through Jan Moedt the fine cockbird ‘De Pau doffer' came, all of Jan Aarden bloodlines, that earned a very important place in the Van Dommelen stock. This cockbird won three top 100 positions in the National classic from Pau and bred supreme racers in many generation for the Ko van Dommelen racing loft. One of the most important breeders of the moment comes from Cas van de Graaff & Sons from Arnemuiden, it is the hen ‘t Casje Vermeulen'. She is dam to the 1st National Lourdes 2005 and 1st National Dax 2006 winner ‘Paarsborst' and bred many more top racers. She is a full sister to another legend in Dutch pigeon racing, ‘Zeeuws Meisje' from Vertelman and Son from Hoogkarspel. The glorious base of the Aardens with a touch of new influence forms the best performing and most complete Jan Aarden strain of the moment, that of Ko van Dommelen.


New start since 1982


It was the year 1982 when Ko van Dommelen moved to St. Philipsland from where his enormous siege in the world of the (Inter)National classics began and from where he build further to create his superior strain. It did not take him long to perform well and the super racers of those days were the ancestors to the present day toppers. His first top performance pigeons from the St. Philipsland era were:
‘Brommertje': 10 prize cards from National St. Vincent and National Dax.
‘Alicante Doffer': 7th National Alicante and 8 overnight prize cards.
‘Barcelona duivin': 94th National Barcelona and six good prize cards.
‘Barcelona doffer': 45th National Barcelona and 5 prize cards.
‘Pau duivin': 17th National Pau and 3 prize cards from 3 entrees.
‘De Makke': 130th Nat. St. Vincent and 156th National Dax and 7 overnight prize cards.
‘De Blauwe': 50th National St. Vincent and 7 overnight prize cards.


‘The Inteelt doffer' was winner of 27th National St. Vincent and 68th National Dax with 10 prize cards in overnight racing. He really put his stamp on the formation of the colony Ko van Dommelen from the middle eighties; his blood runs through the veins of the present day National winners of Ko van Dommelen. He was bred from ‘Donkere Aarden' (son ‘Oud Brommertje' x his own daughter). Many others performed supreme with offspring to this giant too: his bloodlines are found in the pedigrees of winner of 1st Nat. Pau - 1st Nat. Perpignan - 2nd Nat. Barcelona (Jan Walpot); 1st Nat. Pau (Beckers-Willems); 2nd Nat. Bergerac (M. van Zon).


The Jan Aarden pigeons of Ko van Dommelen posses unlimited hereditary qualities. As the years passed, Ko van Dommelen sold many of his old time National top winners and still the extreme successes kept on coming and coming. Since Ko's removal in 1982 his base is still the old Jan Aarden source, with as foundation pigeons:

‘Nelleke': winner 107th Nat. Perpignan (yearling), 11th and 308th Nat. Perpignan. She is granddam to ‘Ballonneke' (1st Nat. Soustons1999 for Wim van Dommelen) and great granddam to the 1st International Bordeaux winner 1995 for Ko van Dommelen.
‘t Pau Zusje': winner 19th - 45th - 145th - 319th Nat. Perpignan and 213th - 235th - 262nd Nat. Pau. She is granddam to ‘Zwarte Deugniet', 1st International Bordeaux 1995 for Ko van Dommelen.
‘Barcelona duivin': winner 38th - 712th - 1,797th Nat. Barcelona and 23rd - 160th - 256th - 381st Nat. Perpignan. Bred from ‘t Schippertje' (from ‘Pau duivin' x own son). ‘Barcelona duivin' is granddam to ‘Zwarte Deugniet' (1st Internat. Bordeaux) and to many more supreme racers and breeders (see later this report).
‘t Nachtvliegertje': supreme breeding hen. Bloodlines present in pedigree ‘Knorrepot' (1st Nat. NPO Bordeaux 2004).
‘Atleet': bred from ‘Inteelt doffer', the top breeder and ancestor to so many National legends.
‘Perpignan duivin': winner of 19th - 45th - 133rd - 145th - 319th National Perpignan and 3 prize cards from Pau. An important basic hen.
‘De Witpen Pau': direct from Jan Cools from the super pair ‘Son Autowinnaar' x Marseille duivin', 3rd Nat. Marseille and 32nd Nat. St. Vincent.


In 1982, with accustomed pigeons, Ko van Dommelen directly won 7th National Alicante, 45th Nat. Barcelona and 80th Nat. Marseille. In the meanwhile he won plenty of more huge successes and now, almost 25 years later, he is still one of the biggest icons in International overnight racing. And that is an understatement; the new millennium brought maybe even more successes for him than ever before!! With in 2004 - 2005 - 2006 a National victory every year!!! Time to hump on to that new era of successes for Ko van Dommelen; the new millennium superstar.


Super year 2004 and dynasty ‘Barcelona Duivin'


After many supreme performances in overnight racing the season edition 2004 was a year to always remember for Ko van Dommelen. It was a tough season and under these circumstances his iron colony feels like a fish in water. This was the year Ko van Dommelen won a/o 1st Nat. NPO Bordeuax - 3rd Nat. Dax - 9th Nat. Perpignan - 25th Nat. Pau - 28th Nat. St. Vincent - 55th Nat. NPO Bordeuax 59th Nat. Pau - 79th Nat. Perpignan, etc ... No one did better. And off course it was the old base doing the job for ‘grandmaster Ko'.


The winner of 3rd National Dax was NL02-0217458 ‘Zwerver' a supreme racer still blessed with the unequalled bloodlines of the Jan Aardens of the old days. The winner of 1st Nat. NPO Bordeaux in 2004, NL03-0326906 ‘Knorrepot', is even still close related to the magnificent ‘Barcelona duivin' (NL87-731), winner of 38th - 712th - 1,797th National Barcelona and 23rd - 160th - 256th - 381st National Perpignan. An icon and she is also dam to the famous ‘San Sebastian', making name in winning 20th and 31st International San Sebastian.


‘Barcelona duivin' is still a daughter to the fine ‘Schippertje' bred direct from the old foundation bird ‘Pau duivin' (daughter ‘Roeltje' from the old first base of Wim van Dommelen). In many superior racers of the last decade for Ko van Dommelen the bloodlines of ‘Barcelona duivin' play a major role. She is for instance also dam to the supreme ‘Zwarte Deugniet', winner of 1st International Bordeaux in 1995. And she is also grandmother to the sire of ‘Knorrepot', as mentioned earlier the 1st Nat. NPO Bordeaux winner of 2004. This sire to ‘Knorrepot' is NL92-9239008 ‘Valse Geschelpte', a tremendous racer and breeder and a respectable list of honour with 18th Internat. Marseille - 20th Nat. Pau - 45th Nat. Marseille - 63rd Nat. Dax - etc. He is again casted in the old mould at St. Philipsland and descends next to ‘Barcelona duivin' from ‘t Nachtvliegertje' and ‘Vooruit Orleans' ...


Again such a fine racing cock was NL01-0118078 ‘De Orleans Hulk'. He won 2 National top positions in 2004 and they were 9th National Perpignan 7,645 b. and 25th National Pau 3,571 b. He is a close relative to the giant ‘De Zwarte Deugniet'. , winner 1st International Bordeaux and in further generations again returning to the very old Jan Aarden base. A sublime racer too at the loft of Ko van Dommelen is NL99-1072223 ‘De Mand' the winner of 9th National Ventoux 2003 - 35th Bordeaux 5,819 b. - 101st National Dax - 107th National Dax - etc. ‘De Mand' is bred from a direct daughter to ‘San Sebastian' and he is again a son to ‘Barcelona duivin''. Already ‘De Mand' proved to be an eminent inheritor: he sired ‘Witpen Wringer', in 2004 winner of 59th National Pau.


1st National Dax 2006;
a superior triumph for the champions of Ko van Dommelen


The old time National classic race from Dax, edition 2006, became one of the heaviest battles in the history of International overnight racing. With head winds and a strong shining sun turning the sky into a suffocating hot domain for about 3,200 racing pigeons that had to fight an heroic battle against the elements of nature. A classic battle in which only the very best would survive and stand a chance to grab a place of honor for their careful bosses. The rulers of the sky spread their wings Friday morning 10.30 a.m. to cross this immense distance and Saturday 11.54 the 1st National winner was clocked flying with an average speed of only 51 km/hour ... it was the hero ‘Paarsborst' of Ko van Dommelen; another great siege for his indestructible strain of Jan Aarden pigeons.


Because Dax 2006 was not just ‘an occasional first' for Ko van Dommelen; his entire racing team was on a role like not many racing teams were ever before and like not many racing teams will ever be in the future. They won 1st prize, but also 4th prize. And of six basketed pigeons at night 4 were home, clocked on 11.54 - 13.52 - 18.00 - 19.00. International against 11,235 birds the Van Dommelen squad won 3rd and 11th. The pigeons of the overnight crack from St. Philipsland were at their very best in this marathon session. Like the old Jan Aarden lines always are when the circumstances are hard and only the best of the best survive and stand out in the crowd.


1st National; ‘De Paarsborst'


It was not just any pigeon winning 1st National Dax against over 3,200 birds. It was the famous ‘Paarsborst', in 2005 already writing history winning the first edition ever of the National time trial from Lourdes. He is an icon in National pigeon racing, like from another planet with a whole bunch of top positions at his list of honor. Ko van Dommelen: ,,when he returned home from this Dax and I handled him to take of the gummies, he was trying hard to get loose. He was so happy to see me and of course to see his hen. It is a pure character-pigeon with an incredible will-power.''


The heroic part ‘Paarsborst' played in this edition of National Dax is not his only piece of art:
1st National Dax 2006 3,200 b.
3rd International Dax 11,235 b.
1st National Lourdes 2005
33rd National Pau 2005 3,077 b.
208th National Perpignan 2005 6,299 b.
219th National Le Mans 2005 12,884 b.
In club he had already won: 1st Ruffec 2001 - 71 b.; 1st La Souterainne 2004 - 128 b.; 4th Chateauroux 2004 - 86 b., etc. As yearling he was crowned 1st acebird one day long distance in club.


His roots go back to the golden old lines that Ko van Dommelen treasures so much; the Jan Aarden bloodlines so pure and one of a kind. His sire is ‘Ultieme', a top racing cock and grandson to ‘Zwarte Deugniet', winner of 1st International Bordeaux. His mother was one of the latest acquisitions, and what an acquisition, she is ‘t Casje Vermeulen', the excellent breeding mother direct from the overnight rulers Cas van de Graaff from Arnemuiden. She is a full sister to the famous ‘Zeeuws Meisje' of Vertelman and next to dam of ‘Paarsborst', also dam to winners of 9th National Perpignan and 25th National Pau.


Almost two hours after ‘Paarsborst' the second pigeon of Ko van Dommelen came in to still win the 4th National Dax from 3,200 birds and 11th International from 11,235 birds. It was ‘De Jonge Vooruit', earlier already winning prizes on National Mt. de Marsan and St. Vincent. His first morning liberation in overnight racing was Dax and with what an outcome. He is too based on the Aarden source and bred from the cockbird ‘Voorsprong', winner of 7 prize cards on 1,000 km races and with grandparents the legendary foundation pair ‘De Nel' x ‘Barcelona duivin'. Mother to ‘De Jonge Voorsprong' is ‘t Lieve Witpenneke', close family to foundation birds ‘De Zwarte Pau' and ‘De Valse Blauwe'.


1st National Lourdes 2005;
National scoop on legendary battle from a holy place


It became a battle of epic proportions; the first run ever of the National race from Lourdes, first held in 2005. Where every day tenths of thousands of pilgrims go and visit the cave where the holy maid Mary revealed herself, the pigeons spread their wings for a journey to hell covering almost 1,000 km with extreme temperatures and head winds. Already in advance this made the racing team of Ko van Dommelen, just two pigeons, the big favorite. Because it is he who treasures the precious Jan Aarden colony that specialized itself in excelling in the heaviest pigeon races possible ... and it was Ko van Dommelen who became the big winner with 1st and 10th National Lourdes !!!


It was the first big victory for his champion bird ‘De Paarsborst', the legend that would later win the National race from Dax in 2006 under even heavier circumstances. The Lourdes race was given an even extra dimension by the huge amount of prize money there was to be won and the victory of ‘De Paarsborst' did not only make Ko van Dommelen the most happy man of the moment, it also made him a much richer man ... In the morning of the 16th of July 2005 the Dutch pigeon world was still under high tension; for Ko this tension lasted until 9.20 a.m. when ‘De Paarsborst' made an end to all insecurity; he does own the best performing Jan Aarden colony of the moment ...


‘De Paarsborst' arrived home as if the devil in person was chasing him. With an enormous speed he came diving from the air. At his depart in Lourdes holy Mary must have blessed him with the strength to win this race, however the common sense explanation brings up his golden roots to back his victory up. He is bred from ‘Ultieme'(grandson ‘Zwarte Deugniet' - 1st International Bordeaux) x ‘t Casje Vermeulen' (sister ‘Zeeuws Meisje' and dam to 9th and 25th Nat. winners). The best of the best at Ko van Dommelen and casted in the same mould is the winner of 10th National ...


A very good indication for the strength of the loft can be derived from the references that come in. Ko van Dommelen treasures his supreme Jan Aarden base and the role of the Jan Aardens in the world of International overnight racing is still very eminent. That the colony formed by Ko van Dommelen takes an important share in this Jan Aarden dominance, is underlined by some of the best performances with pigeons descending from his lofts:


• In 2006 Marco Meijer from St. Philipsland won 1st National Pau with his wonder pigeon that already won many more top positions before. His sire comes direct from Ko van Dommelen and is a son to one of his most important basic birds; ‘Vals Geschelpte'.
• In 2006 Jacques Reingoudt from St. Philipsland (brother in law to Ko) won 1st provincial and 4th National Mt. de Marsan with the pigeon ‘t Elastieke Zwartje' that comes direct from Ko van Dommelen and with in her pedigree the icons ‘Zwarte Deugniet', 1st International Bordeaux, ‘De Pau Doffer' and ‘De Elastieken'. A brother to this hen won 10th National Bordeaux for Ko van Dommelen in 2006.
• In 2004 De Jong-Wijman from Amerstol won 1st National Marseille with a pigeon descending from the golden foundation of Ko van Dommelen.
• In 2004 Joop Torremans from Rockanje won another top position with a supreme Ko van Dommelen descendant. He purchased a granddaughter to ‘Barcelona duivin' and ‘t Pau Zusje' and bred his ‘Leony' from him. She won: 17th Nat. Dax 2002 - 17th Nat. Dax 2003 - 24th Nat. Pau 2004.
• In 2003 Cees Suijkerbuijk from Lepelstraat won 1st National Dax with a cockbird bred by Ko van Dommelen. The winner called ‘Danny' ensured immortal glory, he is bred from ‘Manke', full brother to the 20th and 31st International San Sebastian winner direct from the brilliant breeding pair ‘De Nel' x ‘Barcelona duivin'. Mother to ‘Danny' is ‘t Zusje Rolluik', sister to winner 50th Nat. Pau, 50th Nat. Bordeaux and bred from ‘Zwarte Pau' x daughter ‘Zwarte Deugniet' (1st Internat. Bordeaux).
• In 2003 M. van Zon from Amerstol won 2nd National Bergerac with a pigeon descending from the old base of Ko van Dommelen.
• In 1999 Wim van Dommelen (Ko's father) won 1st National Soustons from 11,000 birds with ‘Het Ballonnetje'. He was bred by Ko van Dommelen and a close inbred product to the old Jan Aarden strain. Sire is ‘Woeste Staaloger' (many top prizes a/o 27th Nat. St. Vincent) a son to the old foundation hen ‘Nelleke'. Mother to ‘Het Ballonnetje' is ‘t Kwade Witpenneke', bred from the pure Aarden giant ‘De Hulk' x the legendary ‘Barcelona duivin'; the goose with the golden eggs.
• Jan Polder from Middelharnis purchased his foundation hen ‘Duivin Ko' (granddaughter ‘Het Brommertje') from Ko van Dommelen. She is dam to 9th Nat. San Sebastian - 11th Nat. San Sebastian - 34th Nat. Bordeaux - etc. Jan Polder also bred a daughter to ‘Alicante' x Pau duivin' at Van Dommelen and she bred from him the winner of 5th Nat. Marseille and 8th Nat. Perpignan.


Ko van Dommelen collected a great deal of National top position in the modern era of Dutch overnight pigeon racing, with amongst them 4 victories on the National classics and even one International victory. In the years 2004 - 2005 - 2006 he won a 1st National each year!! In Western Europe he is undoubtedly the greatest, one of a kind, a star shining brightly in the International Hall of Fame. Racing only a handful of birds and winning so big; he is a phenomenon. His colony of unsurpassed Jan Aarden giants will secure him (and many fanciers owning top material from him) more successes in the future and the legendary status for Ko van Dommelen and his superstar winners for all times.


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