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Philip Geerdink

Master breeder Philip Geerdink from Hoogerheide
Superstar on the long distance thanks to the Steenbergen strain
1st Champion long distance Brabant 2000 R. 1 2008 (564)



In 1996, Philip Geerdink bought several young pigeons from Jac van der Wegen's world famous ‘Parel' strain. This way, a full brother of the ‘Indurain' moved to Hoogerheide, this one-of-a-kind breeding cock became father of top pigeons ‘Olano' and the ‘Perpignan', who got impressive results 4 flights in a row, with a 12th Perpignan, 74th Nat. Perpignan, 99th Nat. Barcelona and 404th Nat. Barcelona. The offspring from this Perpignan has also scored some amazing results on many different lofts.

After the theft of all the breeding cocks and several top flyers in December 2000, the lofts were strengthened by straight Van der Wegen pigeons.



In 2000, the ‘Zwarte Dax', ‘Monty' and ‘Virenque' were born. All three of these cocks were bred from ‘Princes', a granddaughter of the world famous ‘Prins' from the late van der Wegen. ‘Virenque' won 10th place National St. Vincent '03, 963 kilometres, against 20.296 pigeons. ‘Monty' won 95th National Mont de Marsan '02 (911 km) against 17.205 pigeons, and the achievements of the ‘Zwarte Dax' have been described in pigeon-magazines all over the world. Some of his impressive results: 3rd National Dax '03 (948 km) against 9.404 pigeons, 10th National Perpignan '03 (974 km) against 5.890 pigeons, and 30th National Dax '02 against 5.617 pigeons.
Philip Geerdink has been named the best Dutch Overnight Long Distance Player of 2003 and his ‘Zwarte Dax' became the 1st Golden Crack of Long Distance Club Southern Holland, by a wide margin. ‘Zwarte Dax' then moved to the breeding loft and gave Geerdinks loft an extra boost for the long distance races. (Grand)children of the ‘Zwarte Dax' and the ‘Princes' now manage to win numerous prizes all over the world.

Pigeons have been bought from Jac van Dijk in Steenbergen for four years in a row, and the best ones of his Jan Aarden collection to be precise. His loft has been built on a foundation of Jan Ernest and Antoon Ligtenberg pigeons. After passing away, brothers Philip and Ronald Geerdink bought all the top pigeons for their breeding lofts in Hoogerheide. These top pigeons were found to mix very well with Philip's Van der Wegen collection.

Despite the despicable theft of 2000, Philip Geerdink has been getting superb results on the classic international long distance races for years. There was hardly a reason to call his return a comeback, his loft was full of young talent. His solid trust in the quality and vitality of his still young strain has led to the emergence of a new generation of long distance flyers from the old basis, that has made an immediate impact. The name Geerdink has become well known and respected all over the world.


Numbers from the ZLU-Fondspiegel classification, the popular Dutch test of strength on the international flights, give solid proof of the skill of the Philip Geerdink strain of Hoogerheide.


6th ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 '99
3rd ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 ‘00
7th ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 '02
2nd ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 '04
3rd ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 4 ‘05
8th ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 4 ‘06
2nd ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 4 ‘07


And what about Fondclub Southern Holland? These are the results, against 5.500 members:

9th Champion National flights '99 2nd Champion National flights ‘04
3rd, 10th, 16th Golden Crack 600 km race '00 8th Champion National flights ‘05
2nd Champion National flights '01 4th Golden Crack overnight long distance ‘06
3rd Champion National flights '02 1st Golden Pigeon Int. flights '05-‘06
2nd Champion National flights '03 8th champion National flights ‘07
1st - 16th - 20th Golden Crack overnight long distance ‘03


In 2004, this always consistent super champion managed to score 1st place in the ranking of ‘three first nominated on Barcelona 2000-2004'. The last two years Philip has won no less than 13 prizes on 16 pigeons International Barcelona! In 2007, this led to:

1st classification of Netherlands with the first nominated pigeons on Barcelona 2002-2007
5th classification of Netherlands with the first three nominated pigeons on Barcelona 2002-2007


On his own loft, 22 prizes were won in the first 50 National flights over the past few seasons. These include:

3,5,9,10,10,11,12,15,18,24,24,24,30,30,33,33,37,37, and many more.

Some remarkable results from the Geerdink loft:

National Perpignan '99 (974 km) 6.857 p. 12-15-100-397-706-1282 (6 pigeons flying) Internat. 17.564 p. 41-55-592-1517-2251-3609 100% score.
National Bordeaux yearlings ‘01 (820 km) 4.626 p. 46-70-91-128 etc. (10 prizes out of 15 pigeons)
National Marseille '01 (910 km) 6.699 p. 30-33 Internat. 19.682 p. 72-79-4516 (3 pigeons flying)
National Dax ZLU '03 (948 km) 3-113-320-378-427-536-644-720-893-1117 (10 out of 12)
National Perpignan '03 (974 km) 5.890 p. 10-18-24-46-102-407-632 (8 flying) Internat. 16.800 p. 27-42-53-100-232-958-1577
National Dax '04 (948 km) 13.456 p. 160-195-501-880 etc. (7 out of 7) 100 % score.
National Perpignan '05 (974 km) 6.300 p. 85-93-135-175-446 (5 out of 8)
National Perpignan '06 (974 km) 4.719 p. 77-91-578-654-682-1043 (6 out of 9)
National Bordeaux old '07 (820 km) 24-210 Internat. 7.256 p. 58-396 ( 2 out of 4)
National Perpignan '07 (974 km) 5.294 p. 37-107-274-379-530-833-841 (7 out of 12)
National Narbonne '08 (925 km) 3.816 p. 58 - 70 - 110 - 393 (4 out of 6)

If you take a look at the following partial list of references, you will see that many fanciers have gained impressive results after adding pigeons from long distance expert Philip Geerdink to their lofts. One reporter even said that the results of Philip in the last few years were só good that they could only be achieved with pigeons from another planet! I can assure you that to find amazing pigeons, you will not have to travel that far.

5th national Carcassonne 3.167 p. '06 (Jan Dekkers)
7th internat. Perpignan jrl. 4.666 p. '05 (J.F. Somers)
11th national Bordeaux oud 3.235 p. '06 (G. Kouters & Zn)
12th national München 2.386 p. '07 (J. Geluk)
17th national Tarbes 5.210 p. '07 (Jos Pepping)
17th national Perpignan 6.300 p. '05 (J.F. Somers)
25th national St. Vincent 13.437 p. '07 (Alb. Nuij) Earliest pigeon in the neutralizationtime Sector 1.
26th national Mt. de Marsan 11.436 p. '00 (Ph. Langenberg)
30th national Dax 14.605 p. '07 (A.van Ophuizen-Marell)
30th national St. Vincent 13.437 p. '07 (G. Kouters & Zn)
31st national Perpignan 5.294 p. '07 (Ronald Geerdink)
32nd NPO-Brabant 2000 Passau 4.850 p. '07 (J.F. Somers)
48th natioaal St. Vincent 17.333 p. '00 (Ph. Langenberg)
54th NPO-Brabant 2000 Passau 4.850 p. '07 (J. Geerdink sr.)
58th NPO-Brabant 2000 Passau 4.850 p. '07 (J.F. Somers)
59th national Dax 14.605 p. '07 (G. Kouters & Zn)
67th national Perpignan 6.300 p. '05 (Ronald Geerdink)
70th national St. Vincent 13.437 p. '07 (Jan Dekkers)
84th national Pau 2.342 p. '07 (Ronald Geerdink)
94th NPO-Brabant 2000 Passau 4.850 p. '07 (John Schuurbiers)
4th national Narbonne 3.816 p. '08 (B. Liplijn)
15th national St. Vincent 5.201 p. '08 (Jos Pepping)
30th national Montauban 8.307 p. '08 (Jos Pepping)
2nd Asduif long distance Noord Holland '08 (Jos Pepping)





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