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Raymond Moleveld - Fond

Breeding centre Raymond Moleveld
Golden breedingloft is gaining strength!



In 2004, Raymond quits his job. He rents a series of lofts in the polder and manages to acquire a large number of (NPO-)pigeon champions. It is the start of his new job, which makes a dream come true. To help on the fastest races, some of the most noble top pigeons of great breeding and from recent lofts were bought to strengthen his own. With his overnight long distance pigeons he already has a very strong foundation that was hard to beat.


He is not a new one to the sport, Raymond has proven himself already. He was for example only just 30 when he won 1st National St. Vincent '03 against 37.239 pigeons and 1st NPO Brive '02 against 7.707 pigeons.




For the midday and morning releases, Raymond can of course use his own strain. The basis of the Moleveld-long distance strain consists of the following pigeons:


- "De Ligtenberg" (NL89-8980994).

This superior cock, bred from Toon Ligtenberg (Steenbergen) pigeons, fathered some real champions. His grandson "De Brive" (NL99-2083118) won the NPO-race of the same name, while another grandson, named "Blauwe Bertus", won National St. Vincent against 9.512 pigeons. The "Bertus" was also the fastest pigeon out of the entire race of 37.239 others!



- "De 57 Duivin" (NL88-2024957).

This pigeon was bought on the Total sale of Jopie Sprenkels, more than 10 years ago. At the time it was still a youngster, from the "'t 04-tje" (NL75-2459204).The "04-tje" is also the grandmother of "De Klamper" of Cor de Heijde in Made, and an important basis pigeon of the brothers Kuijpers in Neer. On the loft of Raymond, this hen became (both through mother's side and father's side) the grandmother of the St. Vincent winner "Blauwe Bertus", and the grandmother of "Shady" (17th National Mont de Marsan against 7.425 pigeons).



- The couple "De Tovenaar" (NL91-5056683) x "Tita" (NL91-5056682).

Straight from Sam de Jong in Heemskerk. Up until now, at least 30 straight pigeons from ‘De Tovenaar from Heemskerk' have been housed in the lofts in Vreeland.
But "De Tovenaar" x "Tita" is really the top couple, because in both the St. Vincent winner and the Brive-winner, the blood of this basis couple is present, but also many children and grandchildren manage to get great results on the long distance races.






Raymond is always looking out for pigeons that would fit into his strain.He hopes to achieve something he has wanted for a long time, a post-pigeon that is able to win early prizes. On various pigeon sales, Raymond was present to see if anything special could be bought for his breeding loft, and he paid extra attention to the pedigree. The pigeons he was going to buy would have to be a very close relative to the breeding pigeons that had already proven themselves.
This is how the NL 92-49079 was bought on a sale, a hen that was inbred with ‘de Schift' from van de Wegen. She became grandmother of the ‘Brive', 1st NPO Brive category 7 against 7.707 pigeons.
A few years later, Raymond bought a son from the "Oude Kruk", who is the basis cock of breeding centre Interpalomas in Breda. That Raymond has a son of this truly legendary basis pigeon on his lofts is something that many people are jealous about!



Raymond also bought two more very high-quality breeding hens. The first one, "Victoria" the NL 96-9694000 is a daughter of ‘De van Zelderen' from Theo Ernest and her pedigree shows many good breeding pigeons from Toon Ligtenberg. She is a full sister of ‘De Miguel' which won a 2nd National Barcelona in 1995. he second hen is "Nora", the NL 96-9694008. Also offspring from Theo Ernest pigeons, and specifically ‘De Miguel', 2nd National Barcelona x a daughter from the 1st National Tarbes. Using these two purchases, an attempt is made to once again develop the old Toon Ligtenberg strains, which is an absolute passion of Raymond!

Besides the mentioned own strain, Raymond managed to get several superb flyers for the tougher races. Add to this several youngsters from National winners on Barcelona, Marseille and Dax, brothers and sisters of National Barcelona winners, children from the famous ‘Bonte Koppel' of Nico Volkens, from "De 404" and "De Superkweker" of Sam de Jong, straight brothers Kuijpers and J. Theelen pigeons and you will have to agree with us that on the Molenveld breeding loft, the absolute top pigeons are present to represent the tougher races.



To ensure that his customers have proof of the correct pedigree from every purchase of his superior strains, Raymond is a member of the N.O.O.K. (Dutch All-encompassing Institute Breedingcentre). An institution that offers proof to buyers ánd sellers that the pedigree of the pigeons in question are what they are supposed to be. The institution has a clear mark of quality, if a buyer sees this on a pedigree it is an immediate sign of quality and correctness. The N.O.O.K. has made arrangements with Dr. van Haeringen of the Laboratory for DNA-research in Wageningen. Pigeons that cost more than a certain price will be delivered including a DNA-certificate.

United Kingdom


In only 2 years Raymond Molevelds pigeons have created quite a reputation in the United Kingdom. His partner loft Stuart Wilcox has created new records in the West of England Combine (2nd largest in the UK) with his Moleveld pigeons, esp when he won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, Combine from Chale, those same birds have continued to win again this year.
Others have also enjoyed great success, C Nelmes; Ace Pigeon All National Races including Tarbes, 2007; Mr Croker 2nd National Falaise; Jon De Ville 7th Open Classic, N Templer 1st Combine, K Jones 7th Welsh National Maidstone etc. Many of the UK's top fanciers, the likes of Geoff Kirkland, Gary Inkley, G Rankin & Son, Crowley and Green, K Nethercott & Sons, Nigel Templer, Alan Mark are competing with Moleveld pigeons.

Raymonds pigeons have shown a real ability to fly the English Channel from France back to the mainland, some 140km of open water especially in hard head winds and dry east winds, this was also shown when a youngster won 2nd National into Ireland which is probably the hardest route in Europe, the sire of this pigeon came from the breeding centre




Recently, Raymond has moved , together with his breeding centre, from Kraggenburg to his old town. The pigeons now inhabit the lofts where he once saw his 1st NPO Brive and 1st National St. Vincent arrive. Another loft has also been built for the fastest pigeons. Raymond wants to get back to racing with his pigeons, also on the shorter distances, because he can promote his breeding centre with results he can achieve on these races. These last few years he had little time for this; moving to another town, his job as loftmanager for the Dutch Open.. there was barely any time to race his pigeons. Now that everything is running smoothly, this will change, and with such high levels of quality on his lofts the successes can't be far behind.





Finally, you will find a selection for the long range distance races that Raymond Moleveld managed to acquire. An entire legion of ‘white ravens', now residing on Breedingcentre Raymond Moleveld B.V.:

1st Bordeaux 828 km 7.886 pigeons ‘02
1st Bordeaux 872 km 5.626 pigeons ‘00
1st Mont de Marsan 932 km 6.048 pigeons ‘02
1st Mont de Marsan 947 km 5.414 pigeons ‘02
2nd Nat. Pau ZLU 991 km 2.758 pigeons ‘00
3rd Nat. Barcelona 1204 km 7.567 pigeons ‘01
3rd Nat. Mont de Marsan S1 932 km 17.205 pigeons ‘02
4th Nat. St. Vincent S2 986 km 6.330 pigeons ‘01
4th Nat. Bergerac S4 1021 km 5.767 pigeons ‘98
4th Nat. Barcelona België 1076 km 13.659 pigeons ‘00
6th Nat. Barcelona 1125 km 7.567 pigeons ‘01
10th Nat. Barcelona 1182 km 7.567 pigeons ‘00
10th Nat. Barcelona 1166 km 7.567 pigeons ‘01
12th Nat. Barcelona 1286 km 7.567 pigeons ‘01



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