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Raymond Moleveld - Vitesse

Breeding centre Raymond Moleveld
Golden breedingloft is gaining strength!




In 2004 Raymond decided to finish work and concentrate solely on breeding and racing champion pigeons. Raymond who at the time was a champion long distance racer of some note purchased an established breeding centre which complemented his already strong colony of pigeons, this acquisition saw many top NPO winners come to his super breeding loft. This really was Raymond's dream come true.

To increase the success of the Speed Colony Raymond acquires some of the most potent lines in Holland, plus many speed champions. Raymond already owned a super strain of proven long distance pigeons, in fact he won 1st National St Vincent in 2003 37,239b and 1st NPO Brive 7,707b 2002, the speed pigeons now mean Raymond has a complete breeding team of champion pigeons.




Pigeons with real speed


As a tradition Long Distance Fancier, Raymond realized he needed very fast pigeons to compete at short and middle distance, he however made a great start in 2004 with the purchase of more than 40 x 1st prize winners and a lot of these were NPO winners. Amongst these champions were 1st NPO Chantilly 20,384b, 1st NPO Morlincourt 25,500b, 1st NPO Peronne 33,043b, 1st NPO Pont St Maxcence 26,072b, pigeons etc. To complement these terrific champions Raymond has acquired pigeons from some of the top fanciers, families and racing lines in Europe. Each year Raymond has selected out the unsuccessful breeders and removed them from the loft, this selection has been done by racing the offspring to the maximum in Holland and the UK. Raymond applies the same rules to the creation of his speed pigeons as he did to the creation of his super successful long distance family, if they don't win they don't stay. A pigeon that isn't good enough for Raymond isn't good enough for his customers.

Raymond has found that the most potent performers came from the De Klak, Koopman and Van Dyck lines, other families and lines have been selected out. A family that Raymond had monitored for some time was the Gerritsen-van Looyengoed strain, these birds offered Raymond High Speed over a good distance so the best of these have been added to the breeding lofts.


At this time, three basis strains have been set up for the fast sprinting races:

1. Koopman-pigeons, with Van Dyck pigeons added to them

2. Klak-strain pigeons

3. Gerritsen-van Looyengoed pigeons



1. Koopman-pigeons

This strain barely needs any introduction. At the moment, not a single strain is more popular. Not only Gerard and Corneel Koopman themselves, but also many other fanciers all over the world achieve remarkable successes with this strain. Raymond has the old basis of Koopman pigeons on his lofts, but also the new generation of champions can be found there. Using the example that Gerard Koopman himself has set, the pigeons are crossed with Dirk van Dyck pigeons (with results like the strains ‘Rambo', ‘Kannibaal', ‘Bourges').


2. Klak-pigeons

When Raymond bought the collection from the First-prize and NPO winners, he immediately notices that many of the winning pigeons carried the blood of the legendary Klak-strain of pigeons. When he participated for the last time in the Kraggenburg race in 2006, he won a 1st prize on St. Quentin against 11.236 pigeons, and also thanks to a pure Janssen/Klak-pigeon.
He later had the chance to buy a large number of pure Klak pigeons, thanks to Combination van Wettum - van Rijk, who are clubmembers of Raymond and are known for having a large number of pure Klak pigeons. Raymond later added pigeons from the Borgmans brothers to this collection, who are the nephews and owners of the side-loft of the late Jos van Limpt - ‘The Klak', and his customers can now have access to pigeons from these superior strains.


3. Gerritsen-van Looyengoed

Raymond wanted a strain of pigeon that would arrive back at the loft with superb pigeon weather on the short distances, and he went looking for an exceptional strain of pigeons that would fit his criteria.
These were; knowing how to fly on top, having great flying- and breeding characteristics, being able to pass these down to offspring, and having a good build.
The choice was finally made, it was the Janssen-Meulemans-foundation which had been formed by the combination Gerritsen- van Looyengoed in Wenum-Wiesel.
This strain of pigeons was built using Janssen-pigeons from Jan Kuijzer in Krommenie, and also using the superior pigeons from T. Hubregtse in Rotterdam, also based on the Janssen-strain.
Using pigeons from the Karel Meulemans strain, the combination Gerritsen- van Looyengoed created a remarkably strong foundation of pigeons which help Raymond keep his great reputation as a good source of high speed pigeons.




To ensure that his customers have proof of the correct pedigree from every purchase of his superior strains, Raymond is a member of the N.O.O.K. (Dutch All-encompassing Institute Breedingcentre). An institution that offers proof to buyers ánd sellers that the pedigree of the pigeons in question are what they are supposed to be. The institution has a clear mark of quality, if a buyer sees this on a pedigree it is an immediate sign of quality and correctness. The N.O.O.K. has made arrangements with Dr. van Haeringen of the Laboratory for DNA-research in Wageningen. Pigeons that cost more than a certain price will be delivered including a DNA-certificate.




Recently, Raymond has moved , together with his breeding centre, from Kraggenburg to his old town. The pigeons now inhabit the lofts where he once saw his 1st NPO Brive and 1st National St. Vincent arrive. Another loft has also been built for the fastest pigeons. Raymond plans to build a very successful strain of both speed and endurance pigeons, not based on names but results with the basket being the ultimate judge.

Raymond wants to compete at the highest level with his speed pigeons as he believes you can only promote winning pigeons to the intelligent fancier, there has however been a short break in competition due to Dutch Open commitments and the moving of the lofts however now Raymond hopes to do his talking with the race basket.

United Kingdom

In only 2 years Raymond Molevelds pigeons have created quite a reputation in the United Kingdom. His partner loft Stuart Wilcox has created new records in the West of England Combine (2nd largest in the UK) with his Moleveld pigeons, esp when he won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, Combine from Chale, those same birds have continued to win again this year.
Others have also enjoyed great success, C Nelmes; Ace Pigeon All National Races including Tarbes, 2007; Mr Croker 2nd National Falaise; Jon De Ville 7th Open Classic, N Templer 1st Combine, K Jones 7th Welsh National Maidstone etc. Many of the UK's top fanciers, the likes of Geoff Kirkland, Gary Inkley, G Rankin & Son, Crowley and Green, K Nethercott & Sons, Nigel Templer, Alan Mark are competing with Moleveld pigeons.

Raymonds pigeons have shown a real ability to fly the English Channel from France back to the mainland, some 140km of open water especially in hard head winds and dry east winds, this was also shown when a youngster won 2nd National into Ireland which is probably the hardest route in Europe, the sire of this pigeon came from the breeding centre.

Here follows a selection from some short distance, middle distance and 600 kilometer winners that can be found in breeding loft Raymond Moleveld B.V.:





1st NPO Peronne 294 km 33.043 pigeons. ‘02
1st NPO Pont St. Maxcence 373 km 26.072 pigeons. ‘01
1st NPO Morlincourt 293 km 25.500 d pigeons ‘02
1st NPO Chantilly 373 km 20.384 pigeons. ‘02
1st NPO Morlincourt 341 km 19.914 pigeons. ‘01
1st NPO Morlincourt 373 km 13.086 pigeons. ‘00
1st NPO Sourdun 310 km 13.070 pigeons. ‘02
1st NPO La Ferte Bernard 571 km 11.234 pigeons. ‘02
1st NPO Chantilly 262 km 10.497 pigeons. ‘01
1st NPO La Souterraine 607 km 10.459 pigeons. ‘98
1st NPO Troyes 450 km 4.588 pigeons. ‘02



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