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It's Time

28 augustus 2019 
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It’s time, the auctionseason will start on IPC / de Fondkrant . On Sunday the 1st of september we will open the ball with some real eyecatching auctions, what to think of a 1st NPO middle distance winner plus a national section winner on the extreme long distance with morning liberation?

On our – de Fondkrant-  auctionsite we focus on smaller more exclusive sales, quality over quantity. Performance pigeons, direct children and grandchildren to top class performers, close as possible to the orginal source, the champions, will be offered in the next couple of months on the well know auctionsite.


In order to bid, we would like to ask you to have yourself registered, this can be done on the site. The opening bid will be kept low, so everybody can be a bidder. All the biddings can be seen live on screen on the site. The auctions will start on sundays or mondays will finish after two week on a Sunday afternoon.


In this first weekend we start of with the exclusive auction of six directs from the Belgian championloft De Ruy – Galazka. Included is the magnificent ‘Blauwe Bambi’ a topracer on the Belgian national races. Also we will offer 9 direct from Peter van der Haar, a topracer from one of the biggest strongholds in the north of Holland, the Staphorst racing club with way over 60 active lofts.



Lorenzo van Russel as the owner of this site, will ofcourse also be included in this opening of the auctionseason on De Fondkrant. Besides being a magnificent racer himself, Lorenzo is also a keen collector of topclass breeding material, always looking for the best inland and outside of the country. In this auction Lorenzo offers six youngsters direct from his golden stockloft, including a direct from top hen ‘Wonderlady’ plus from the best of Leo Heremans, Benny Steveninck, Dirk van den Bulck, Stefaan Lambrechts and not to forget Hok Huijsmans.


Last but not least we will start with two exclusive auctions under the all saying names ‘Best of Holland’ and ‘Gold of Belgium’ in which some very interesting pigeons are being offered.

Main eyecatchers at the start of this auctionseason are champions: ‘Gien Leo’ winner of 1st NPO Gien 2019 against 3,622 birds with a 21 minute lead, while he is just a latebred from 2018, a supertalent. And then as main atraction, we will put under the hamer champion ‘Wilma’ winner of 1st Nat. Section Cahors 2019 against 2,864 birds with 900 kilometers on the day. Besides her own top class performance, she is also half sister to a 1st Int Perpignan winner.


 Good luck and wishing you lots of fun bidding  


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